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User Error

Spy Equipment cannot be held responsible for the consumer purchasing products that are incompatible with software or certain operating systems. Spy Equipment will endeavour to inform all customers of system requirements in the website product description, however, if in doubt the customer should contact Spy equipment to ensure that a product will work with their system. Spy Equipment can take no responsibility for user error by the consumer that may cause damaging side affects to either the product or anything working in conjunction with said product. If this occurs the user will not be entitled to any form of refund or free replacement. In addition, Spy Equipment cannot also be held responsible for any injury caused by the misuse of one of its products.

Fraud Counter-Measures

Due to the high level of on-line fraud in today’s world, Spy Equipment

undertake extensive security checks on all transactions that have been processed through the website in an effort to maintain integrity and security for its customers and the company itself. As such Spy Equipment reserve the right to request additional information to back up or support information already provided by a customer in relation to standard payment security checks undertaken. The request for additional information will be made in email form to the email address specified on the order. Additional information may mean that Spy Equipment will need a scan or clear photograph of the front of the payment card used and some photographic

identification such as a Driving Licence or a Passport. Refusal to supply additional requested information will invariably result in the cancellation of your order. All first time orders must be delivered to the billing address of the payment card used unless 3D security check (Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode) has been fully authenticated. For large international orders Spy Equipment operate a policy of payment ‘up-front electronically via BACS or CHAPS transfer directly into the Intellisphere Ltd account prior to despatch of any order. Spy Equipment reserve the right to specify a courier shipping method for International orders.

Fair Usage Policy for Managed SIM Cards (GPS Tracking Devices)

An excessive usage policy applies to this contract: Unlimited tracking SIM provides unlimited tracking to be used in conjunction with your tracking device sold with the SIM for private, personal, commercial purposes. Removal of the SIM card from within the tracking device shall void the tracker warranty, however, should you remove the SIM card for whatever reason, then you may not use your SIM Card – in, or connected to, any other device; or in a way that adversely impacts the service to other Tracking customers. If for any reason the SIM Management Company reasonably suspects that you are not acting in accordance with this policy, the SIM Management Company reserves the right to impose further charges, or transfer you to a tariff which does not include unlimited tracking, or disconnect your account.

PAYG SIMs in GPS Trackers

Any GPS tracking device sold by Spy Equipment with a Pay As You Go (PAYG) SIM card will be supplied with a Vodafone PAYG SIM. For a Vodaphone PAYG SIM to work with your tracker generally, there must be a minimum of 1.00 usd credit on the SIM. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the PAYG SIM is kept topped up with credit. With a PAYG SIM in your tracking unit Spy Equipment cannot guarantee regular, accurate reports when the unit is in an area of busy or poor signal. PAYG SIMs are first to have their priority reduced for communication during busy usage periods. This facility is purely controlled by the network provider and in no way can Spy Equipment ever be held responsible network provider coverage for the installed SIM.

In addition, any Vodafone PAYG SIM that has not been used for longer than 1 month has a high chance of being deactivated and the phone number ‘recycled’ to a new SIM by the network provider. In this event your tracking unit will no longer be able to send out any positional data. To combat this Spy Equipment suggest, when the tracker is not in regular use, the customer activates the unit a minimum of once per month to conduct a small distance track. By undertaking this act, the SIM card will remain active and ready to use for the next ‘€˜live’™ tracking deployment. Keeping the PAYG SIM active and the unit tracking is the sole responsibility of the customer / user and as such Spy Equipment are not responsible for PAYG SIM’s that have been deactivated due to lack of activity.

In the event that a PAYG SIM gets deactivated, the customer will need to contact Spy Equipment to arrange return of the unit for replacement of the internal SIM. If anyone other than a Spy Equipment member of staff attempts to open up a warranty-sealed GPS tracking unit then the unit warranty will be null and void. In the event that Spy Equipment have to undertake a PAYG SIM change in a GPS Tracking Device due to a SIM becoming inactive, then a fee of $60.00 usd + VAT will be charged before work is commenced

Title in any SIM Card will never pass to a Customer but will remain vested in the Network Provider. All risks in a SIM Card shall pass to the Customer upon delivery by the Company or its carrier of the Equipment to the Customer’s nominated address specified in the Particulars. Once delivery has taken place the Customer is responsible for any loss or damage or unauthorised use of the SIM Card together with the cost of any replacement required. All rights in any numbers allocated to Customers shall at all time remain vested with the Network Provider. If any number allocated to a Customer remains disconnected from the Services for any reason for a continuous period of 6 months the Network Provider may withdraw and re-allocate to a third party any such number.

Legality of Equipment Use

With the exception of UHF and GSM/3G/WiFi/GPS Jamming equipment, all items sold by Spy Equipment are legal to operate within the and Europe. All responsibility, however, for any infringement of another person’s Human or Privacy rights is squarely upon the customer. As such it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment is used in compliance with all Human Rights, Privacy Rights, Civil and Criminal laws active in the area of use. By accepting these terms and conditions you, the customer, agree to take full responsibility for the use of any equipment purchased from Spy Equipment . Although it is not an offence to manufacture or possess a UHF transmitter or GSM/3G/WiFi/GPS Jammer in the Us, the said products featured on this site are not D.T.I. approved and the use of them would be an offence. These devices are sold for export only outside the European Union.


Although Spy Equipment staff will assist where possible, Spy Equipment cannot be held responsible for the suitability of a products use in a particular situation, either known or unknown. Product specifications are subject to change as usually due to advancements in technology.

Spy Equipment reserves the right to substitute products that are out of stock or discontinued with products of a similar nature. If, by mistake, Spy Equipment has displayed an item for sale at a mistakenly lower price, then Spy Equipment will not be liable to supply that item to the customer at the wrongly stated price, provided that the customer is notified before dispatch of the said product. In these circumstances, a Spy Equipment staff member will notify the correct price in order that the customer may decide to cancel or continue with the order at the correct price. If the customer decides not to continue with the order, then the total original order amount will be refunded to the customer in accordance with our refund policy.

Quotations are valid for the period stated and represent no obligation until Spy Equipment accepts the buyers order and even then this is subject to the goods being available at the time requested.

Due to the limitations of GPS technology Spy Equipment cannot guarantee 100% accurate positioning every time when using any of our GPS tracking devices. This limitation may also include false reports given by the tracking unit due to satellite fluctuation and limitation. Please refer to the Help Desk for limitations on GPS technology.

The ranges quoted for our UHF transmitters are approximate and were achieved on flat terrain in direct line of sight of the transmitter. Unlike many companies we have not exaggerated the quoted range or increased the quoted range by climbing a mountain to achieve unrealistic transmission distances. For this reason we do not guarantee a certain transmitter will always transmit the same distance as quoted. This is due to many factors that can affect the transmission range such as structures, climatic and geographical conditions, battery condition, location of transmitter and the type of receiver used.

If any of the above terms and conditions are found at Law to be invalid, the remaining terms and conditions will remain applicable in full.